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Watch Maintenance

Whilst mechanical watches truely are a thing of wonder and many stories exist of them not missing a beat in decades through all kinds of perilous conditions, there will be times when your timepiece will benefit from a little TLC. Be this an aesthetic spruce up, some mechanical maintenance, or a repair of something that is broken, GWS are well placed to support all your watch maintenance needs.

Watch Maintenance


After years of daily wear your watch will naturally write it's own story in all the individual marks & scratches present across its outer casing. If you're ready to erase that story and start again with that box fresh look our refurbishment service can rejuvenate your watch, making it look as good as new. Refurbishment is a highly skilled task that should only be undertaken by a trusted expert. At GWS our skilled craftsman use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve the various  finishes as detailed in the signature of each individual brand, ensuring your watch is restored back to showroom condition, increasing the value of your watch in the process.


One of our expert certified watchmakers will disassemble your watches movement into each of it's component parts. Each piece will be inspected to sure it remains in perfect working order, before being thoroughly cleaned, dried and set aside ready for reassembly. Once reassembled, the movement is lubricated using specialist oils and set back in place in your watches case, regulated and sealed & protected by a new set of original brand gaskets. Finally the watch is tested for both accuracy and robustness to make sure it's ready to go back and withstand the conditions for which it was originally designed.


Whilst many luxury Swiss watches are designed specifically to withstand extremely harsh conditions, day to day life can bring accidents which exceed the resilient capabilities of any timepiece. A dropped watch can cause a smashed glass, or internal damage. Leaving the crown open in wet conditions can cause water damage. Maybe your watch has just stopped working and you have no idea why. At GWS we can offer a no obligation quote service to detail the repair required to bring your watch back to it's original working condition, with further support of 12 months guarantee of the repair work undertaken.

Watch Maintenance Quotation

At GWS we have a team of qualified, expert, experienced watchmakers at the ready to ensure the performance, and the aesthetics of your timepiece are returned to the standards as certified by the original manufacturer. Simply get in touch using the form below and we'll come straight back to you, to get you a quote to return your watch to it's original state.



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