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Watch Insurance Cover

Having completed the purchase of a luxury wristwatch, you’ll find yourself in the possession of not only a skilfully engineered & beautifully crafted piece of equipment, but also an asset of significant financial value. To help you protect this asset and ensure your own piece of mind, securing reliable watch insurance cover is the logical next step.

Traditionally, items of jewellery & watches have tended to be covered by home contents insurance policies. These days, however, options for insuring valuable contents are far wider ranging and you may choose to cover a single item under a watch insurance policy. Whatever your preference, there are a huge range of options to choose from – available through various providers - if you’re looking to insure a watch.

At Global Watch Shop, after careful consideration, we have chosen Zing Cover to be our trusted partner for our customers to satisfy their watch insurance needs.

Given Zing Cover's extensive experience within the specialised jewellery & watch insurance market, their customer service staff are highly skilled in understanding your needs, as well as on-hand to offer the advice you need. It’s important when you purchase a valuable asset such as a luxury watch that you feel confident it is protected exactly how, when and where you need it. For this reason, it’s important that you choose an insurer that you can trust.

By developing a partnership with Zing Cover for our customers, we are able to provide an underwriter-approved watch insurance cover appraisal with every purchase. This will prove a vital tool, should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to make a claim. What’s more, it also ensures that you are not over-insuring (and therefore spending more than you need to on) your timepiece.

For more information, and to look at the options available to you, click here now. Watch insurance can save a great deal of time, money and stress and takes just a matter of minutes to arrange. We highly recommend that you cover your luxury timepiece as soon as possible following your purchase.

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