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Maximise your returns, sell your watch on consignment

Sell Your Watch to GlobalWatchShop

If it's important to you to maximise your return when selling your watch then our consignment service is for you. As one of the UK's leading preowned watch retailers, Global Watch Shop have a distinctive competitive advantage and unrivaled access to the UK market, all of which is available to you when you consign your watch to sale with us. 

Adding Value to your Asset

When you consign your watch for sale with us, the benefits of using Global Watch Shop are immediately seen in added value. We provide 12 months warranty with every watch we sell as well as giving an insurance backed guarantee against defective title, and we can also provide certification of checks against the lost & stolen database. Add to this a professional  repair and refurbishment service where required, and the end result is a more valuable timepiece ready for presentation to the market

Increased Visibility

From the moment your watch is listed for sale you have immediate access to a wide range of sales channels, multiple platforms and proactive sales tools. We have a number of clients registered for notifications when new stock arrives both in general, and for specific watches and notifications are sent to them immediately. Our social media following is significant and we program a number of posts across several platforms in a wide range of formats that get your watch in front of a targeted audience of active buyers, way beyond what you could expect to achieve from a private sale

Flexible Secure Payments

Our flexible range of payments not only takes the stress out of avoiding fraudsters and scam artists when you make a private sale, but also opens up a range of clients that are looking to pay for their purchase in a variety of ways. Offering finance options significantly increases the amount of buyers who are able to purchase your timepiece, as does the ability to take card payments securely. Add to this customers who only want to part exchange their watch as part of their next purchase we open up a vast array of new customers that you would not be able to service privately, giving you the end benefit of higher prices and faster sales.

Trusted Supplier

Often the largest concerns when buying a watch, is the peace of mind that the watch is authentic, reliable, has valid provenance, and can be bought in a safe environment. A phrase often used in the watch industry is 'Buy the seller', meaning that you investing your money not so much in the watch you think you see, but in the reputation of the seller as this ensures your investment is a sound one. At Global Watch Shop our reputation is unrivaled. We take pride in our perfect Trustpilot rating, 100% eBay rating and all round outstanding online reputation. As a regulated firm, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) we are bound a series of regulations that ensure customers are being treated fairly, which we go above and beyond. As a result, our customer know they are dealing with a highly credible seller and as such are willing to return time after time.

Professional Advisor

To help us to fully fulfill your requirements, either for a one off sale or  when selling on an ongoing basis, you will be assigned one of our Director level consultants each of which has over 10 years experience in the industry. You'll benefit from their extensive knowledge and market insight, and they will shape a sales package that suits your needs as well as being on hand to provide advice on future purchases and sales. Whether it's helping you get the most from your sale, help managing your collection, or being alongside you as a trusted business partner for all your future transactions, our professional advisors will ensure you get the support to maximise your watch sale returns.

End to End Security & Insurance

From the moment your watch leaves you until the moment you're paid your watch is covered by our comprehensive insurance ensuring you're never at risk. Whether you use our fully insured free postal service, or come into our central London location to deliver your watch personally, we maintain the highest of security standards. Storage at the 24hr manned London Silver Vaults ensures that your prized possession is safe at all times. Should your watch need to leave the location, for example for delivery to the end customer, your watch is insured at every step of the journey. There is not a safer location in the UK for your watch to be held.

Bespoke Pricing Model

We run a flexible pricing structure for watch sales, and dependant on the value & market price of your watch, we can can work on either a 10-15% commission basis, or for higher value pieces we can operate an agreed flat fee. All this will be agreed in advance with your assigned professional advisor

Choice of the Trade

Our consignment sales service is so popular, we have quickly become the choice of the trade. As well as working with customers selling their personal possessions, we also have a large number of trade clients who are benefiting from the value added services,  increased visibility, flexible payment and secured storage that the GWS consignment service offers. Whether looking to sell your own watch, place a collection, or manage an ongoing sales relationship, get started today by filling in the form below and we can get your watch in front of thousands of prospective buyers today.


Completing the form below enables us to make you an offer for your watch, usually within the hour during office hours. See how much you could get for your luxury watch today in only a few minutes.

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FAQ - Sell Watch On Consignment

Q: What is watch consignment?

A: Selling a watch on consignment means you give your watch in the hands of a luxury watch dealer and they will sell it on your behalf.

Q: How does watch consignment work?

A: You offer your watch for sale with a professional watch dealer like Global Watch Shop. If the watch sells, the watch dealer charges a percentage fee as a commission. You usually get more money when selling on consignment compared to selling a watch to a dealer directly.
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