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New Rolex Releases 2020

The day we’ve been waiting for is here, 1st September has seen the official new Rolex releases 2020 announced on Back in June we told you about the discontinuation of the Rolex Submariner Hulk, and in July we predicted the introduction of a new version of the famous ‘Kermit’ as well as an all new blue and black ‘Dark Knight’. Today see’s these predictions confirmed officially, and we’ll review all the new Rolex releases 2020, the discontinuations, and we’ll also look at market reaction and availability of the new pieces as they hit the market for the first time

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

The New Rolex Releases 2020

The New Rolex Submariner

We’ll start with the biggest of the new Rolex releases 2020, one that we knew was coming, but nobody could be sure of what it would look like. The need to update the Submariner collection to the new, improved 32xx movement also offered the opportunity to upgrade the collection. On the 6th June we announced that production of existing 11661x series Rolex Submariners had ceased, which clearly made way for the new 12661x series. The question that needed answering was how brave we Rolex going to be in the update of arguably the most iconic collection in the entire catalogue. The answer we got was braver than we expected. News was reaching us back in June that a new style Submariner could be hitting the streets as part of the new release but at this stage we weren’t sure whether this would just be the update of a new movement or a new dial & bezel colour combination. We were also expecting some slight refinements to the case but did not expect an increase in the case size to 41mm, which is a bold, but a move welcomes by GWS as we see the new Rolex Submariner 2020 expand in line with modern watchmaking trends.

Moving forward we have a complete change to the Rolex Submariner collection with all 11661x series Submariners discontinued, and each one replaced with a new model in the 12661x series. The full new Rolex Releases 2020 catalogue for the Rolex Submariner collection is detailed below

Material Model Reference Bezel Colour Dial Colour Retail Price
Stainless Steel 124060LN Black Black £6,450
Stainless Steel 126610LN Black Black £7,300
Stainless Steel 126610LV Green Black £7,650
Steel & Yellow Gold 126613LN Black Black £11,450
Steel & Yellow Gold 126613LB Blue Blue £11,450
Yellow Gold 126618LN Black Black £29,650
Yellow Gold 126618LB Blue Blue £29,650
White Gold 126619LB Blue Black £31,850

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

The New Rolex Sky-Dweller

As the most recent collection introduced by Rolex, some might say that the Sky-Dweller may take a bit of time to find its personality. That maybe true, but the demand coming from the market for certain models within the Sky-Dweller collection has been insatiable.  There is however, a corner of the Sky-Dweller catalogue that is rarely turned to, and with the recent dial changes this latest release could be seen as the admission of a mistake by Rolex. The introduction of the rubber Oysterflex straps seems to have been a roaring success, many times we’ve seen clients purchase the leather strap version of the Rolex Sky-Dweller, only for the leather to be left in the box and replaced with an aftermarket rubber alternative. It seems Rolex may have reacted to the market on this with all leather strap Rolex Sky-Dwellers being discontinued and replaced with an Oysterflex version.

There’s also one more change to the Rolex Sky-Dweller collection, and whilst we’re huge fans of the new Dark Rhodium dial, to discontinue the most popular combination of Everose gold and Chocolate was never going to go down well. With premiums on the now discontinued full Everose gold, chocolate dial Rolex Sky-Dweller motoring upwards, Rolex have acted and reintroduced a new style chocolate baton dial on both the full Everose, and Everose on Oysterflex models. This is sure to be a popular move and will likely be one of the few full gold pieces that re sells above Rolex published retail price.

Once again there is no variation of the Sky-Dweller produced in White gold.

Material Model Reference Bracelet Dial Colour Retail Price
Yellow Gold 326238 Oysterflex Black £32,050
Yellow Gold 326238 Oysterflex White £32,050
Yellow Gold 326238 Oysterflex Champagne £32,050
Everose Gold 326235 Oysterflex Dark Rhodium £33,200
Everose Gold 326235 Oysterflex White £33,200
Everose Gold 326235 Oysterflex Chocolate £33,200
Everose Gold 326235 Everose Gold Chocolate £39,650

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

The New Rolex Oyster Perpetual

A complete revamp for the Oyster Perpetual collection with a new range of colours. The popular 39mm has been discontinued and replaced with a new larger 41mm in line with the Datejust and Submariner collections. The collection also includes 36 & 34mm options with ladies’ options being 28 & 31mm.

Core colours available across all 5 size options are bright black, bright blue and silver. Pink is given as an additional colour in ladies sizes (28 & 31mm), as well as the 34mm. Candy pink, a more pastel shade is produced in both 31mm & 36MM, almost as a tacit acknowledgement that this traditional gents size is now considered as a ladies option by Rolex.

In the ladies 31mm and the larger 36 & 41mm sizes a new bold range of colours has been introduced with green, yellow, coral red and turquoise blue all given as an option on the Oyster Perpetual for the first time.

The general direction of the Oyster Perpetual colour scheme seems to have taken a new course. There’s been a clear move away from the subtle, most popular Rhodium dial to a bright, bolder and more stand out set of colours. Whilst it’s disappointing to see the Rhodium dial taken out of production, it’s good to see the core bright black and blue dials retained. Pink and Candy pink as ladies’ options are sure to be popular but we’re on the fence with the bolder options, especially in an environment where the re-emergence of white gold, and other understated luxury options have been coming to the forefront of recent trends.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 28

Model Reference Size Dial Colour Retail Price
276200 28mm Bright Black £4,050
276200 28mm Bright Blue £4,050
276200 28mm Pink £4,050
276200 28mm Silver £4,050

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31

Model Reference Size Dial Colour Retail Price
277200 31mm Bright Black £4,150
277200 31mm Bright Blue £4,150
277200 31mm Turquoise Blue £4,150
277200 31mm Green £4,150
277200 31mm Pink £4,150
277200 31mm Candy Pink £4,150
277200 31mm Coral Red £4,150
277200 31mm Silver £4,150
277200 31mm Yellow £4,150

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34

Model Reference Size Dial Colour Retail Price
124200 34mm Bright Black £4,200
124200 34mm Bright Blue £4,200
124200 34mm Pink £4,200
124200 34mm Silver £4,200

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36

Model Reference Size Dial Colour Retail Price
126000 36mm Bright Black £4,450
126000 36mm Bright Blue £4,450
126000 36mm Turquoise Blue £4,450
126000 36mm Green £4,450
126000 36mm Pink £4,450
126000 36mm Coral Red £4,450
126000 36mm Silver £4,450
126000 36mm Yellow £4,450

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41

Model Reference Size Dial Colour Retail Price
124300 41mm Bright Black £4,700
124300 41mm Bright Blue £4,700
124300 41mm Turquoise Blue £4,700
124300 41mm Green £4,700
124300 41mm Coral Red £4,700
124300 41mm Silver £4,700
124300 41mm Yellow £4,700

New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop


The New Rolex Datejust

According to there are an additional 4 watches added to the Rolex Datejust 31 collection, all in stainless steel. The first watch presented by Rolex has a stunning Aubergine Roman dial with a diamond set VI hour marker complimenting the full diamond bezel, model reference 278384RBR. This watch, as with all the new additions is available on both Jubilee, and Oyster bracelet. Although only this version of the watch is presented as a new addition, there are also options for a fluted white gold bezel, or a scattered diamond bezel which are also new models for 2020.

The other three releases are All stainless steel Datejust 31’s in various dials framed with an 18ct white gold fluted bezel, model reference 278274. Dial options are mint green with baton hour markers, dark grey, also with baton hour markers, or white with Roman numeral hour markers, all available with the choice of an Oyster or a Jubilee bracelet. Once again, all dial options are available with further bezel options in the stainless-steel Rolex Datejust 31 collection, and all are new model releases for 2020.

There is an extensive range of new Datejust 31 models for 2020 outside of this release including a total of 15 dial combinations.

Model Reference Dial Type Bracelet Retail Price
278384RBR Aubergine Roman Diamond VI Oyster £12,900
278384RBR Aubergine Roman Diamond VI Jubilee £13,050
278274 Mint Green Baton Oyster £6,250
278274 Mint Green Baton Jubilee £6,400
278274 Dark Grey Baton Oyster £6,250
278274 Dark Grey Baton Jubilee £6,400
278274 White Roman Oyster £6,250
278274 White Roman Jubilee £6,400


New Rolex Releases 2020 Global Watch Shop

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