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New Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN

New Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN Global Watch Shop

It was with great anticipation that we awaited another Baselworld show, with excitement building about the impending new models that would be introduced by the master craftsmen at Rolex. The main focus of our hopes were for an update to the most in demand timepiece of them all, and for Rolex to bless us with a new ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona.

Our hopes led us to visions of a new Daytona adorned with a ceramic bezel that had clearly become the next stage in the cornerstone of Rolex collections, since it was first paired with the 2013 Platinum 50th anniversary edition. But hopes were all they could be at the time, as we knew it would be a brave move by any manufacturer to take their most popular piece and effectively cast it aside in favour of a newer model.

However, brave decisions like this are just why Rolex are at the head of the game, and why you’re sure to find the new ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN to be even harder to acquire than its forerunner, the 116520.

New Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN Global Watch Shop


The new ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona – What’s New?

Let’s start with the obvious. The ceramic Cerachrom bezel brings all the benefits already seen by owners of Submariners, Sea- Dweller’s, GMT’s and a few others, including a couple of precious metal Daytonas. The single piece ceramic is highly scratch resistant, almost impossible to tarnish and highly resistant to fading in even the most intense of sunlight.

We’ve also seen an end to the days of tatty tachymetric scales, with the new bezel digits being embedded in a platinum and PVD coating, ensuring the aesthetics of the watch retain their appeal for years to come. On the white dial, the outer rings of the chronograph subdials are now black in colour - where previously they were silver - yet the black dial version retains the silver sub dial surrounds.

Apart from that, not a lot has changed! The new ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona is still powered by its predecessor’s calibre 4130 movement, which in turn is still encased in the same 40mm oyster case, on the same oyster bracelet with the same clasp. What is different is the reference number, 116500LN, which is the same for both black and white dial models. But with this new reference number, of course comes a new price! Set to be available in the UK at a not too heavy £8,250, it appears that once again waiting lists for a stainless steel Rolex Daytonas will be in force, with demand sure to be outstripping supply.

New Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN Global Watch Shop

In fact, demand is already flooding in, with a number of customers contacting us at Global Watch Shop to enquire about availability before the Baselworld show has even officially got underway! It seems many of us will be marching towards April wondering when we’ll be able to step out with the new ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN proudly on our wrists.

Availability is sure to be scarce, so if you would like to be amongst the first of to be sporting the new Daytona then make sure you join our free VIP club. Members will get advance notifications of any new Rolex Daytona 116500LN’s as they come into stock at Global Watch Shop, as well as exclusive offers on any VIP Club watch.

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