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New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN - Watch In Focus

The New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN

In a surprise move outside of the usual Rolex new release schedule, the all new Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN has been launched as an additional option added to it’s already extensive dive collection. With no sign of any discontinuations the new Deepsea Challenge joins the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller, and existing Deepsea’s as an additional option in the range. Just another Rolex Deepsea I hear you say, but no, the new Rolex Deepsea Challenge presents some significant differences from anything else currently in production by Rolex.

New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN - Watch In Focus Global Watch Shop

New Rolex Deepsea Challenge Specifications

A 50mm case that sits 23mm deep, with a sapphire crystal almost a centimetre thick at 9.5mm would usually be too heavy, even for the above average size wrist that’s required to pull off a watch of this magnitude. That’s why the entire case, bracelet and clasp has been built in a new breed of grade 5 titanium which has been christened by Rolex with the moniker ‘RLX Titanium’. A metal approximately 30% lighter than Rolex’s preferred standard 904L grade stainless steel will create a different experience for most when wearing a watch of this size, and it remains to be seen if this is something that will be embraced by the brands horological connoisseurs.

New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN - Watch In Focus Global Watch Shop

The adaptions to the core Rolex Deepsea collection have given birth to a watch with a guaranteed water resistance rating of 11,000m, or if you’re still on imperial measurements, that’s a whooping 36,090 feet. Beyond this guaranteed limit there is an additional 25% tolerance to which the watch is tested giving it an overall water resistance rating of 13,750 meters or 45,112 feet, a pretty incomprehensible set of numbers by any divers’ standards. More than enough for a dip in the pool at your local gym or a bit of ocean bound swimming on your summer holiday. A watch that is capable in withstanding the pressures of almost any underwater depth known to man will more often be bound to the wrists of ‘desk divers’ with enthusiasts more attracted to it’s mammoth aesthetics than it’s underwater capabilities.

New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN - Watch In Focus Global Watch Shop

As per standard, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge will be powered by a member of the new generation of Rolex movements utilising the calibre 3230 engine, benefiting from the improved power reserve of approximately 70hrs. In will also feature a 60 minute graduated unidirectional ceramic bezel to support monitoring of divers compression times. The clasp is also as standard on a diver’s timepiece from the Deepsea collection with security of the watch governed by the traditional Rolex safety clasp. The Deepsea challenge also features the usual divers’ innovations in a clasp that can adjust the overall bracelet size without the need for any tooling. The Glidelock extension system offers fitting in 2mm increments with an overall extension limit of 20mm, as well as the Fliplock extension which adds a further extension possibility of 26mm.

New Rolex Deepsea Challenge 126067LN - Watch In Focus Global Watch Shop
Calibre 3230Grade 5 RLX Titanium
70hr Power reserve50mm diameter
Precision +/- 2 seconds / day23 mm thickness
AutomaticWater resistant 11,000m
CLASPScrewdown Triplock crown
Folding Oysterlink safety claspBRACELET
Glidelock extension systemGrade 5 RLX Titanium
Fliplock extension systemBrushed Oysterlink
9.5mm Scratch-resistant sapphireIntense Black
Domed, Anti reflectiveChromalight blue luminescence

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Market Appraisal

In our opinion the Rolex Deepsea Challenge is to be released into the market almost as a live prototype. This very much appears to be Rolex trialling their own titanium production capabilities, as well as gauging whether the market’s consumers are ready for a watch of this size, composed of this material, resulting in a different user experience especially in the adaption to the feeling of a large, much lighter watch. At a retail price £21,850 this outstrips the cost of any of its professional range stainless steel counterparts, and, with only limited numbers expected, a significant premium over list price is likely for those that will be purchasing through the secondary market. Three key factors are to be tested in the market to determine the success of the new Rolex Deepsea. Is there enough of a market comfortable wearing a 50mm watch, of those that are how many will take to the weight and feel of the new RLX Titanium production, and overall is there enough of these willing to pay a significant premium over the cost of a stainless steel diving watch to secure ownership of a titanium piece which is not too far away from the cost of an alternative produced in gold.

The future of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge will therefore be determined by you, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. You can join the conversation with us on social here on IG or here on Twitter. If you want to be among the first to have the opportunity to own the Deepsea Challenge, simply register here and we’ll notify you as soon as availability starts to arrive.

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