Ladies - Cartier

Effortlessly blending design with efficiency for over 160 years, Cartier’s collection of ladies watches offers a range of elegant designs, all staying true to the brands unique and style-conscious aesthetics. 

Cartier’s flagship model is the Santos. Available for both men and women, this watch boasts a unique square bezel and exposed screws, making it one of the world’s most recognisable timepieces. Cartier’s emphasis on simple yet chic design has ensured the brand remains as popular today as it has ever been. Features such as an uncluttered dial, roman numerals and refined design give the company’s models a signature appeal, whilst additions of precious stones like diamonds set their women’s models apart from other brands. Class, elegance and prestige – there’s a lot to admire about Cartier’s luxury watch collection.

Ladies - Cartier
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  1. Cartier Ballon Bleu Steel & Rose Gold Diamond WE902079

    Cartier Ballon Bleu Steel & Rose...

    Special Price £9,200 Regular Price £11,500
  2. Cartier Ballon Bleu Rose Gold Diamond Bezel WE9008Z3

    Cartier Ballon Bleu Rose Gold Diamond...

    Special Price £32,725 Regular Price £38,500
  3. Cartier Tank Anglaise Steel & Gold W5310037

    Cartier Tank Anglaise Steel & Gold...

    Special Price £6,630 Regular Price £7,800
  4. Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920071

    Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920071

    Special Price £4,195 Regular Price £4,950
  5. Cartier Tank Francaise Medium WSTA0005

    Cartier Tank Francaise Medium WSTA0005

    Special Price £2,760 Regular Price £3,250
  6. Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920046

    Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920046

    Special Price £4,420 Regular Price £5,200
  7. Cartier Ballon Bleu W69010Z4

    Cartier Ballon Bleu W69010Z4

    Special Price £3,400 Regular Price £4,000
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7 Items

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