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Tudor History and Information


  • 1926: Wilsdorf registered the trademark for ‘The Tudor’
  • 1932: The first watches by Tudor were released
  • 1936: Wilsdorf took back the Tudor brand
  • 1946: Wilsdorf created the official Montres Tudor S.A company, giving the brand more distinction from Rolex
  • 1948: Tudor engaged in its first specific advertising campaign
  • 1947: The Tudor logo appearing on watches was altered to become subtler
  • 1952: The Tudor Oyster Prince was launched
  • 1954: The Oyster Prince Submariner was launched
  • 1969: The second era of Submariners was launched

When and why was Tudor founded?

Tudor was envisioned to be a sister company to Rolex, with reliable watches at a lower price. Hans Wilsdorf, owner of Rolex, registered the trademark for ‘The Tudor’ in the 1920s and acquired exclusive rights to the company soon after.


How has Tudor developed as a brand?

The first Tudor watches appeared in 1932, with their technical reliability essentially guaranteed by Rolex. However it was later in the 1930s that Wilsdorf took back the Tudor brand and created distinctive stylistic features on its watches.

Wilsdorf went further to show Tudor as an autonomous brand when, in 1946, he created the official Montres Tudor S.A company, giving the brand more distinction from Rolex. However, Rolex continued to guarantee the technical, functional and aesthetic elements as well as taking care of after-sales too.

In 1948, Tudor engaged in their first specific advertising campaign, in which their technical precision, stylistic appeal and waterproofness were praised.


What are Tudor watches recognised for?

Tudor watches are recognised for their distinctive rose icon and shield on the dials, which Wilsdorf added from 1936. This logo was altered in 1947, with just the brand name and Tudor Rose icon on the timepiece, giving models more style and subtlety.

tudor-logo-shield-rose tudor-logo-rose tudor-logo-shield-new
1936-1947 1947-1969 1969-Present

What are Tudor’s most popular models?

The company’s first divers’ watch, the Oyster Prince Submariner, was released in 1954. From 1958-64, the Tudor Oyster Air tiger was released, cementing their reputation of functionality with a distinctive style.

A range of models were released in the 1970s, and the brand has continued innovating, releasing chronographs such as the Prince Oysterdate and Prince Date between 1995 and 2000.

Who wears a Tudor watch?

Whether diver’s watches, chronographs or those produced long into the company’s history, Tudor timepieces have a distinctive style, as well as a ruggedness and reliability rivalled by few other companies. For those seeking a stylish, attractive watch with all the quality of a Rolex model, Tudor are a fantastic brand to discover.

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