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Rolex Price Increase 2017

So, there we have it, 1st November is the date for the Rolex price increase 2017. Or is it? The rumours are circulating again and not without good reason. The U.K. is an incredibly cheap place to buy your next Rolex watch, and this is wholly down to differences in currency valuations. Since the vote to leave the European Union, a potential Brexit has seen the value of the pound tumble, and whilst this hasn’t enabled us in the U.K. to buy Rolex watches cheaper, it has helped our European counterparts save some serious Euros! This article will explain why a Rolex price increase in 2017 may become a reality.

Rolex Price Increase 2017 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Price Increase 2017 - Why now?

The table below shows 5 different Rolex with both their UK retail price and their Eurozone price equivalent.

Watch Description Watch Reference UK Retail Price Euro Retail Price
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 114300 £4,150 €5,250
Rolex Submariner 116610LN £6,250 €7,850
Rolex Datejust 41 126334 £6,900 €8,700
Rolex Daytona 116503 £12,400 €15,600
Rolex Day-Date 40 228235 £27,600 €34,600


At the time of writing the GBP/EUR exchange rate is currently trading at approximately 1.115 euros to the pound, a rate that is regarded as low when looking at historical values, and especially when you look back to pre-Brexit levels of the high 1.20’s. So, what does that mean in for watch buyers? The devaluation of the pound has meant that if your base currency is Euros, shopping in GBP has become significantly cheaper because you’re getting a lot more pounds for your euro! Let's take a look at the differentiation the currency changes have made between European and U.K. Rolex watches.

Watch UK Retail Price Euro Retail Price Equivalent UK price from Euros % Difference
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 £4,150 €5,250 £4,709 13.5%
Rolex Submariner £6,250 €7,850 £7,040 12.6%
Rolex Datejust 41 £6,900 €8,700 £7,800 13%
Rolex Daytona £12,400 €15,600 £13,991 12.8%
Rolex Day-Date 40 £27,600 €34,600 £31,031 12.4%

Rolex price increase 2017 – Closing the Gap

Despite a 10% Rolex price increase in November 2016, the price of Rolex is still approximately 13% higher on average in the Eurozone than in the UK. This means that the GBP/EUR currency rate would need to climb to approximately 1.26 euros to the pound for there to be an equal playing field across the UK and Europe. Why has this difference been allowed to happen? It’s likely that Rolex has left a period in order to let currency rates settle. They would not want to change their pricing structure only to see currency prices swing back the other way. However, we’ve seen a sustained period of lower exchange rates between the pound and the euro, and when Rolex look to implement a pre-Christmas increase, this would normally fall in November.

This gap in values between the UK and Europe also causes significant pressure on Rolex from its European AD (authorised dealer) network to close the gap, as Europeans flock to UK Rolex dealerships to buy their Rolex watches at a significant discount to what can be found in their own country. This results in a significant loss in sales revenue for European Rolex AD’s. Sources in U.K. Rolex AD’s have told us that they expect a price increase to happen, however regular buyers will know that a Rolex AD will rarely rule out a price increase as the potential of the same Rolex watch potentially costing an extra 5-10% next month can be a significant motivating factor to encourage buyers to act now, rather than put their purchase off for another day.

Rolex Price increase 2017 – What does it mean for me?

Unfortunately, if you don’t currently own a Rolex and you’re looking to buy then a price increase would be bad news, edging the cost upwards or pushing your timeline to save a little further into the future. Ultimately though, this is part of the reason that Rolex watches hold their value so well. If you’re a current owner a price increase moves the whole market upwards and enables you to realise the hidden value in the watch on your wrist. Generally, a Rolex price increase is considered to be a positive factor and the primary factor that underpins the value of an investment in Rolex ownership. Why not check out our men's Rolex listing for something within your price range.

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