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Rolex New Releases 2023

Ultimate Guide to the Rolex New Releases 2023

This is the full and complete version of our live blog of the Rolex new releases 2023. Updated continuously on the 2023 Rolex release date of 27th March 2023 this now forms a complete review of the new Rolex watches to be released in 2023.

Following the Rolex predictions and mock ups we've seen litter the internet over the last few months, finally we bring you every watch from the offical Rolex website release. Also we take alook at what's been discontinued and it's potential for rapid price aprpeciation.

With the Rolex Submariner recently undergoing a transition to a 41mm case and the GMT-Master II highlighting the 2022 collection, it's the turn of arguably the most iconic collection of all to take centre stage.......

Rolex Daytona

The has been a complete change to the Rolex Daytona collection, with all models undergoing changes. New models will be recognisable immediately by a new 1265xx series model reference, and changes have been made in celebration of the models 60th Anniversary

Rolex Daytona Changes


The new Rolex Daytona's will feature an updated dial with resized hour markers and counter sub dial rings. In many cases the new sub dial rings have also been restyled with changes to the colours on some models.

Case & Bezel

The model case has been slightly refinded but perhaps to most noticeable change has been the bezel edge on ceramic models is now finished in the same material as the case. Whilst many Rolex predictions were for a ceramic bezel accross all precious metal options, nobody saw this innovative update coming which offers a layer of protection for the bezel itself.

Rolex New Releases 2023 Global Watch Shop


All new Rolex Daytona models will be fitted with Rolex's new Chronograph movement, the Calibre 4131, being seen for the first time in 2023. A number of new innovations have gone into creating this more efficient chronogrpah movement but the most noticeable benefit will be the extended power reserve of approximately 72hrs,


Exclusively on the Platinum model, Rolex have introduced an exhibition caseback. This is the only model within the entire Rolex estate to carry the new transparent sapphire crystal on the reverse, which is sure to be a popular addition and a feature many will be hoping is extended across other models in future releases.

Rolex New Releases 2023 Global Watch Shop

Rolex GMT-Master II

A 2023 Rolex release wouldn't be complete without another update to the Rolex GMT-Master II collection, and we weren't disappointed. A return to an old favorite with 2 models added bringing back yellow gold. Both the 126713 Rolex GMT-Master II in steel & yellow gold and the 126718 full yellow gold models feature the GRNR suffix, denoting the new 2 tone grey & black ceramic bezel. These 2 new Rolex GMT-Master II's are exclusively available on a jubilee bracelet, for now at least!

Rolex Yacht-Master 42........

A watch that started it's life as a more luxurious Rolex Submariner, now firmly takes it's path in a different direction. A personal early favorite for me for this years releases is the New Rolex Yacht-Master 42. At first glance we have what looks like a new stainless steel 42mm watch with a raised numeral ceramic bezel is actually Rolex's 2nd foray into the world of titanium. Following on from the Rolex Deepsea Challenge, the entire bracelet, clasp and case material of the new Rolex Yacht-Master 42 is formed entirely in Titanium. Rolex are keen to promote the lightness of this relatively new alloy, known as RLX Titanium, and it seems that with this new innovation is being rolled out across another collection we could see much more this in the future. With 2 watches in the catalog formed entirely of Titanium , this certainly appears to be an innovation that Rolex are keen to explore. Wtch this space for in future releases for wider choice for those we become fans of the new RLX Titanium alloy. Anyone for a titanium Explorer II? We'll just have to wait and see.

Rolex New Releases 2023 Global Watch Shop

Rolex Sky-Dweller

A new movement for all Rolex Sky-Dwellers with the Calibre 9002 presenting itself as an update to the previous Calibre 9001. This brings the architecture of the Rolex Sky-Dweller in line with other new generation Rolex movements, therefore benefiting from improved efficiency and robustness. The updated movement in the Rolex Sky-Dweller will be signified in a new reference number with the new models bearing the new 336xxx series references.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller collection itself see's 3 new models, or 4 if you count the option of both Oyster & jubilee braclets on the stainless steel variant. Starting with stainless steel, one of the widely made Rolex predictions sees the brand possibly reponsing to the popular demand by adding a new option to those already available. The birth of a new 'Mint Green' Rolex Sky-Dweller is sure to see phones ringing of the hooks and waiting lists bulging at Authorised Dealers in anticipation of the arrival of this new release.

Other additions to the Rolex Sky-Dweller collection both come formed in precious metals. A return to a white gold case is paired with a blackor a white dial, only available on an Oysterflex bracelet. Surely the more popular partner will be the full Everose gold model. The only change here being the dial but this is a new colour for Rolex only seen on this model. Appearing blue with a turquoise tinge to it, the new blue / green Sky-Dweller dial appears as though it will show a range of variation in different lights.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Just when you thought Rolex had exhausted it's fun side, another addition to the Oyster Perpetual collection that see's a new Celebration motif dial added. Compromising a series of different sized bubbles coloured in the same tones as the Oyster Perpetual's original 2020 releases in a celebration of the collection. One new dial in three different sizes, the celebration motif dial is to be made available on the Oyster Perpetual 41, 36 and 31.

Rolex 1908

On first glance it appeared we were dealing with a new addition to the Cellini collection, but rather than an addition, a replacement seems more to be the case. A model taking it's name from a blend of the year that the word 'Rolex' was first registered as a trademark, and the 1931 Oyster Perpetual from which it takes it's inspiration, the Rolex Perpetual 1908 collection is badged as being testimony to 'the Manufacture’s comprehensive in-house expertise'.

Four new gent's Rolex watches in total, two in yellow gold on brown leather, and two in white gold on black leather make up the entirity of this collection for those who prefer their case design to be more akin to a sophisticated and somewhat gentry style.

Rolex Day-Date 36

Three decorative stone dials added to the Rolex Day-Date 36 collection to 'evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast' or so we are told. Each of the new models feature a fully gem set diamond bezel as well as gen set Roman numeral hour markers. The three new models based in Everose, yellow and white gold are in turn paired with green aventurine, orange carnelian and naturally veined turquoise blue dials to give them an opulent style that's sure to turn heads and become the catalysts for conversations with their unmistakable luxurious tones. These new Day-Date 36's are absolutely stunning.

Rolex Explorer 40

We've left this one until last to review, as we've seen it before in a few guises, but hopefully now Rolex may have decided that they have finally got the size of the Rolex Explorer correct. A collection steeped in history and maybe the original Rolex 'tool' watch, but with a modern version that has maybe seen changes happen too often. Since the 14270 reference took hold we've seen the Explorer produced in a 36mm case, an updated 39mm, and then back to 36mm again. Have Rolex finally settled on 40mm being the most appropriate size for this living legend, or will we see further iterations in the future.

Rolex New Releases 2023 Global Watch Shop


As far as new models go, after a somewhat full mornings work scouring we believe that what we've preented to you is the complete set, although Rolex do have a habit of sneaking a couple of extra releases into the catalouge without the fanfare of an introduction! A 60th Anniversary Daytona takes the headlines, along with a new Collection, the Perpetual 1908. These two make up the bulk of the release with a few new options added to existing collections helping make up the fan showcase. As with every release schedule there will be winners and losers but for me the highlights have been the new exhibition caseback and updated design on the platinum Daytona, the mint green dial Rolex Sky-Dweller, and the Titanium cased Rolex Yacht-Master 42. An absence of a 70th Anniversay may feel like a glaring ommision some some but maybe that creates a gap for a 75th party in 2028. Of course it's a game of opinions, yours maybe very different and we'd love to hear you thoughts as well. You can join the conversation with us on social here on IG or here on Twitter, come and tell us your favourite rolex watches in this years release, and view some of the actual photos taken from the displays at the watches & wonders 2023 trade show.

And Finally - Discontinuations

Something often more of interest to Rolex owners than the new additions to the catalouge is what are the predictions for discontinuation. With models being taken out of production often being a catalyst for price appreciation, especially where we've seen a short production spell or no direct replacement, a keen interest is always taken.

With no announcement of those watches that have ceased production, it can be more difficult to see what is no longer going to be available in Rolex stores as you're trying to spot something that's no longer there. We've spotted a few, and some of these are real surprises, but as we discover more we'll add to the list below. Please remember that there is no official confirmation from Rolex that these watches have been discontinued, and it has been known for certain watches to be absent, and then reappear on at a later date. For now, here is a list of the Rolex Collections, models, or individual timepieces that have disappeared from the online catalouge*.

CollectionVariantBraceletModel Reference
Rolex DaytonaYellow Gold Green DialOyster116508
Rolex DaytonaWhite gold Blue DialOyster116509
Rolex DaytonaEverose Gold Chocolate DialOyster116505
Rolex DaytonaEverose Gold Chocolate DialOysterflex116515LN
Rolex DaytonaYellow Gold Meteorite DialOyster116508
Rolex DaytonaYellow Gold Meteorite DialOysterflex116518LN
Rolex DaytonaEverose Gold Meteorite DialOyster116505
Rolex DaytonaEverose Gold Meteorite DialOysterflex116515LN
Rolex DaytonaWhite gold Meteorite DialOyster116509
Rolex DaytonaWhite gold Meteorite DialOysterflex116519LN
Rolex MilgaussAll Model Variants
Rolex CelliniAll Model Variants

*All Rolex Daytona 1165xx series have been discontinued but for many there are direct replacements in the 1265xx series collection. This table only includes those watches where this is no direct replacement

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