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Lights, Camera, Action! But No Oscars…

With Oscar season just around the corner, there has been widespread speculation over whether a certain Leonardo DiCaprio will finally pick up the most prestigious gong of them all. One of the most revered actors of his generation, with a host of critically-acclaimed movies including The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street and Gangs of New York under his belt, Leo’s inability to capture the Best Actor award is considered one of the ceremony’s great oversights.

However, DiCaprio’s not alone among world-famous actors in failing to turn a successful career into a prize-winning one. From silent star of the 20s and 30s Greta Garbo, to modern icons like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Winona Ryder, many of Hollywood’s biggest names have never won an Oscar.

With all this in mind, we’ve taken a look back as far as 70 years in order to identify other notable A-list actors who either passed their career without ever winning, or are still going today and are without an Oscar to grace their mantelpiece. Once we had collected five of the most notable men and women from the last seven decades, we then looked closely at the films they have starred in, in order to then calculate the total number of minutes they have spent on the big screen without ever taking a coveted Oscar.

Our calculation for total minuets is based on the total number of minutes of the total number of films they’ve appeared in (excluding TV documentaries, deleted scenes and uncredited motion pictures).

The lists have been broken down by gender and we’ve also taken the chance to remind you of some of their most well-known roles and provide some interesting facts about them and the number of nominations they have received. While some of them have picked up an Oscar or two for ensemble pieces, or even honorary Academy Awards after their death, none of them have ever won either of the big two: ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ or ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’.

Lights, Camera, Action! But No Oscars… Global Watch Shop



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