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Have I Bought a Real Rolex? 5 Ways to Tell if It's a Fake

When buying a Rolex, you’re investing your money in the precision and quality that they’re world renowned for and the last situation you want to find yourself in is thinking you’ve purchased a real Rolex when in fact it’s a very convincing fake.

We’ve put together our top 5 most common flaws to be aware of when buying a Rolex and working out whether it truly is a genuine piece.


1.Dial Markings


Image showing genuine Rolex precision and quality of detail

Although there are a few features to consider when looking at the dial area, the most noticeable with a fake is the markings. Be sure to check the lettering for consistent spacing and imperfections like pitting.


2.Micro Etching


Image showing genuine Rolex precision and quality of detail

At the 6 o’clock position on models post 2001, Rolex introduced a micro etched Rolex crown on the sapphire crystal lens. If you can’t see the crown immediately, don’t worry; it’s meant to be almost impossible to see without a jewellers loop. Conversely, if it stands out at you chances are you haven’t got yourself a real Rolex.


3. Movement


Image showing genuine Rolex precision and quality of detail

Be familiar with the functions your Rolex model should have and whether the watch you own provides all these details correctly. Fake Rolex models will often have features cut back and the actions of each piece compromised due to the difficulty or expense of reproducing them.


4. Bezel


Image showing genuine Rolex precision and quality of detail

The bezel and its functionality will vary from model to model. On a real Rolex, the bezel could be fixed directionally, allow anti-clockwise turns only, or even have a ring command that controls the bezel movement. Whichever yours has, this is another factor that will allow you to determine whether your Rolex is real or not, so make sure your bezel functions correctly.


5. Packaging


Image showing genuine Rolex precision and quality of detail

A real Rolex will come in packaging that reflects the accuracy, precision and time that Rolex have become globally known for. If your packaging has a poor print quality, or corners have been folded then this is a sure sign that your Rolex may be a fake.



Above all else, one of the most obvious ways to ensure you’re getting a real Rolex is what is commonly referred to as ‘buying the seller’. Consider whether they are well known, registered with any professional bodies or have a trustworthy presence online.

If you’re concerned that the Rolex you have isn’t real then these top 5 factors are certainly a good place to start on your road to discovery. A more in-depth list with further description can be found in our article on How to Spot a Fake Rolex.


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