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Best Of Bond: 007’s Greatest Gadgets

Ian Fleming’s greatest British Secret Service Agent 007 has been on an incredibly wild ride since he first hit the Silver Screen in 1962’s Dr. No. For the last 53 years, James Bond films have featured ever-more exotic pieces of equipment and vehicles, which often prove to be critically useful for the protagonist.

While early flicks featured relatively minimal tech, such as the modified attaché briefcase in From Russia, with Love, or Dr. No’s Cyanide Cigarettes, the gadgets have slowly taken on a more spectacular profile in the later films. Following the sensationalist practicality of Goldfinger’s homing beacons, golden revolver, or the tongue-in-cheek comedy of the fake duck wetsuit, subsequent films have seen Bond supplied with more and more outrageous, yet highly technologically advanced, equipment.

With this in mind, Global Watch Shop have assembled our definitive list of the best gadgets, cars and watches from the past half-decade. From the Rolex Submariner that started it all, to the iconic Aston Martin DB5, they’re all here to give Bond the edge he needs to leave his enemies shaken and stirred.

It is no secret that as a suave, sophisticated gentleman, Bond has become synonymous with only the finest tools since Ian Fleming depicted him using a Rolex 1016 Explorer as a knuckle duster in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Combined with the opportunity for clothing, car and watch manufacturers to place their products in front of millions of 007 fans by featuring them in Bond films, this has seen the 00 Agent use a wide range of different sports cars, watches, mobile phones and other gadgets over the last half-century.

It’s also no secret that, here at Global Watch Shop, we know about watches – especially Bond watches. Originally aligned with Rolex, Bond’s wrists have been adorned with the likes of Breitling, Seiko, Omega and even Heuer timepieces over the years. While not all of them were instant classics, many have lent themselves well to the suave, sophisticated stylings of James Bond. There’s a reason secret agents the world over still use Rolex GMT Master IIs, Submariners and Daytonas, and we’re proud to be purveyors of such fine, high-class, technology.


Best Of Bond: 007’s Greatest Gadgets Global Watch Shop

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