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Buy Back, Release the Value in Your Watch Today

Sometimes life throws problems or opportunities at us when we're not in a position with cash in hand to find a resolution. Whilst you have potentially thousands  tied up in your luxury timepiece you may not want to say good bye to it forever, especially if your cashflow needs are only short term. Selling with an option to buy back could be the perfect way to ease your cashflow needs without sacrificing one of your most prized and valuable assets.

Buy Back - release the value in your watch

What is a Buy Back?

Quite simply a buy back is where you sell you watch to us, but with the added option for you to buy your watch back from us at any point in the next 28 days. With GWS's innovative buy back solution, there's no borrowing, no need for a credit check and no ongoing monthly payments, just request a Buy back quote on your watch and we'll provide you with both a sales price, and a buy back option price that you can invoke and settle anytime within the buy back option period.

Do I have to buy my watch back?

No, you simply have the option to. If you request a buy back we'll quote both a price we'll buy your watch for immediately, and a price at which you can buy your watch back at any time within the next 28 days. We will hold your watch for the 28 day option period, and if you decide that you don't want to buy your watch back you can simply allow the 28 days to pass and your option will expire.

Can I renew a Buy back?

Yes, you'd simply need to pay the difference between our purchase price & your option price, then we can provide another Buy Back option for further 28 days.

Are there any additional costs?

Unlike some other buy back providers we do not charge admin, storage or any additional fees. We simply have a purchase price (which we pay to you) and an option price (which you pay to us should you wish to buy back). We don't make any additional charges, and your watch will be stored in our highly secure vault free of charge during the Buy Back option period

When can I get the funds?

As soon as your watch arrives with us, we have a copy of your identification that meets the requirements, and you've signed the buy back contract we can release the funds to you. This usually clears through to your bank account instantly, but can take up to 2hrs.

How much can I get for my watch?

To find out how much value you can receive for your watch, simply complete the form below. We'll come back to you with both a price you'll receive for your watch, and an option price to buy back your watch within 28 days. All quotes are subject to inspection and no credit search or enquiry will be undertaken.


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