Cartier Tank Anglaise

Made unique with a winding mechanism incorporated into its case, the Cartier Tank Anglaise is a slightly more compact addition to the Tank series, but retains the original’s recognisable, charming form. The watch features a reinforced design and emboldened lines, as well as the classic, linear face design which has made Cartier Tank watches popular for generations.

Available both in men’s and women’s designs, the Tank Anglaise was released in 2012, and comes in a range of size and metal options, as well as featuring several different movement options. Although a distinctly bolder looking watch than the original Tank, the Tank Anglaise is designed in such a way as to give it a soft, ergonomic look and feel. For a reinvigorated classic, with all of the charm of the original, the Cartier Tank Anglaise is an excellent choice.   

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